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Santa Maria-style barbecue is a regional culinary tradition rooted in the Santa Maria Valley in Santa Barbara County on the Central Coast of California. This method of barbecuing dates back to the mid-19th century and is today regarded as a “mainstay of California’s culinary heritage.” The traditional Santa Maria-style barbecue menu was copyrighted by the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce in 1978.

Santa Maria-style barbecue centers around a beef tri-tip or top block sirloin, seasoned with black pepper, salt, and garlic salt before grilling over coals of native coast live oak, often referred to as 'red oak' wood. The grill is made of iron and usually has a hand crank that lifts or lowers the grill over the coals to the desired distance from the heat. The traditional accompaniments are pinquito beans, fresh salsa, tossed green salad, and grilled French bread dipped in sweet melted butter.

Over the years, Santa Maria BBQ Outfitters has been custom designing and crafting bbq pits that allow the wood to light quick, burn hot, and allow the bbq master to raise and lower the cooking tray to get the heat just right for the food. Our bbqs are sturdy enough to withstand the high heat while also providing smooth and stable operation and mobility.



You can also find our most popular BBQs at select retailers. Here is a list of retailers that carry our products.

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