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Backyard Adjustable Oak Pit BBQs

Our Backyard BBQs are the absolute best in the world.

Made from sturdy carbon or stainless steel, our bbqs can give you decades of excellent performance. Each bbq is meticulously welded by a trained professional at our Santa Maria production facility and inspected for perfection. If you are serious about your bbq and don't want to deal with the cheap, imported, mass produced bbq that you have to replace every few years, we have your next pit. Made in America!
We can also produce custom drop-in units to complete your custom backyard kitchen. Just give us a call for details.

Click on any item to add to shopping cart or simply call our office toll free to order your BBQ.

We are open 9am-4pm M-F (Pacific Time)

Toll-Free 877.347.2709

Same-day shipping available!

Backyard BBQ's are boxed and ready for easy assembly. Made in SANTA MARIA, CA USA

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