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All of our grills are also available in Stainless Steel. Click thumbnail for larger picture.

6 Ft. Deluxe Trailer

6 Foot BBQ Trailer

6 Ft. Stock Trailer

All of our Stock/Standard trailers feature:

  • 3"x 2" rectangular tubing with 3000 lb. drop axles
  • 1/4" thick Steel firebox
  • 1 1/2" x 6 expanded metal cooking screen welded in angle iron frame

  • 15" white wheels (chrome wheels extra cost)
  • 2 Safety chains
  • Approved lighting and turn signals
  • Fulton jack with foot
  • Large hand wheel for raising and lowering the cooking screen
  • Rustoleum® high heat enamel

8 Ft. Deluxe Trailer

8 Ft BBQ Trailer

10 Ft. Deluxe Trailer

10 FT BBQ Trailer

Some upgrades available:

  • White or Chrome Aluminum wheels
  • Red oak, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Diamond Plate, Hammered Metal or White Food Grade Plastic Cutting Boards 
  • Rod Cooking Screen (stainless Steel or Carbon Steel)
  • Firebox Covers
  • Removable screen with square tubing frame
  • Screen suspension featuring reduction gearbox with pillow blocks and spoolers
  • Double firewall (to facilitate decals or automotive finish)
  • Low pressure high B.T.U. Back Burners with Steel or Stainless Steel Housing
  • Aluminum diamond plate back splash
  • Running boards
  • Tongue Tool / Storage Box
  • Powdercoated to any color
  • & many many more