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All of our grills are also available in Stainless Steel. Click thumbnail for larger picture.
  • Built-ins and custom grills made to order.

  • Custom drop-in grills can be made with fireboxes or flange only.

  • Stainless steel grills can be made in any size and thickness.

  • Rolling screens are also available in steel and stainless.

Custom 60 x 40 Grill with two wood cutting boards, lower profile & custom hand crank.


Custom stainless Drop-in & lid. This drop-in does not have a tower, however is still fully adjustable by using the custom hand crank to raise & lower the firebox for a seamless look. 
This custom grill has a granite cutting board, stainless gas lines with side burner and firestarter, warming rack, name hand bent out of 2” flat stock and stainless expanded metal grill and extra large wheels


This custom grill has warming rack, red oak table, and wrought iron touches which were hand painted. It also has extra large wheels
This stainless steel grill has a large 760 sq in cooking area, four heavy-duty casters consisting of two swivel and two fixed casters, two removable 14 x 20 cutting boards and fire poker are included



10 gauge steel construction, dual adjustable cooking screens, side cutting board, supported by full square tubing cart and 4 heavy duty casters, coated with Rustoleum® high heat enamel, fire poker and 2 tool hooks are included.